Stop times - The times shown for some stations are indicative and you are advised to be there a few minutes before the times shown. Most originating / terminating / interchange / principal location point times are accurate and should be used as a guide when intending to travel from intermediate points.

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Data Quality - Timetable information from our suppliers is typically accurate to within a few days.
We are not responsible for errors and omissions in such, but would consider it a favour if you could notify us of such so that we can investigate further.

When timetable changes have been published in advance information for a later date can be viewed using 'Day of Travel' feature under 'Departures'.
We do not normally receive details of temporary timetables (e.g. for major road closures). When we are aware of such we may provide a warning notice.
On bank / public holidays we try to provide a notice warning of this. Note: we cover the whole of the UK so the holiday may not apply in your location!

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