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North Pier (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPNPR}      
Tower (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPTOW}      
Blackpool North Rail Station {9100BLCKPLN}      
Blackpool South Rail Station {9100BLCKS}      

Blackpool, Bispham

Bispham (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPBSH}      
Norbreck (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPNBK}      
Sandhurst Avenue (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPMDN}      

Blackpool, Bloomfield

Central Pier (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPCLP}      
Manchester Square (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPMCS}      
St Chad's (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPSTC}      
Waterloo Road (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPWTL}      

Blackpool, Claremont

Gynn Square (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPGNS}      
Pleasant Street (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPPLT}      
Wilton Parade (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPWTP}      

Blackpool, Highfield

Blackpool International Airport {9200BLK1}      

Blackpool, Layton

Layton (Lancs) Rail Station {9100LAYTON}      

Blackpool, Norbreck

Norbreck (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPNBK}      
Norbreck North (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPNBN}      

Blackpool, North Shore

Cabin (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPCBN}      
Cavendish Road (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPCVD}      
Cliffs Hotel (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPCLH}      
Lowther Avenue (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPLWR}      

Blackpool, Pleasure Beach

Pleasure Beach (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPPLB}      
Blackpool Pleasure Beach Rail Station {9100BLCKPB}      

Blackpool, South Shore

Burlington Road West (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPBUT}      
Pleasure Beach (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPPLB}      
South Pier (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPSHP}      

Blackpool, Squires Gate

Harrow Place (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPHRW}      
Starr Gate (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPSRG}      
Squires Gate Rail Station {9100SQUIRES}      


Cleveleys (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPCLY}      
Thornton Gate (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPTHG}      
West Drive (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPWST}      

Cleveleys, Anchorsholme

Anchorsholme (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPAHM}      

Cleveleys, Little Bispham

Little Bispham (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPLBH}      

Cleveleys, Rossall Beach

Rossall Beach (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPRSB}      
Rossall School (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPRSC}      
Rossall Square (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPRSQ}      


Fleetwood Ferry (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPFWF}      
Victoria Street (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPVTA}      

Fleetwood, Broadwater

Broadwater (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPBWR}      
Heathfield Road (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPHFD}      

Fleetwood, Freeport

Fisherman's Walk (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPFMW}      
Lindel Road (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPLDL}      
London Street (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPPRT}      
Stanley Road (Blackpool Tramway) {9400ZZBPSLY}      
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